"The footpath is the best path to good health"

This old German saying is more central than ever to our philosophy of life, and the right footwear is very much part of the picture here. The fashion- and healthconscious people of today expect more than ever in terms of wearability and design. Quite simply, we want that feel-good factor.
Our feet have to carry us all day long, and to perform that task they need the right support. The actiflex comfort shoe, with its feather-light design and stretchable outer materials, offers exactly what we expect of a health-conscious shoe.

The outstanding properties of actiflex comfort shoes

Stretchable outer material

The high-quality stretch material fashioned from a textile–leather combination adapts optimally to the shape of the foot.


Anatomically-shaped lasts and partiallt sadded uppers ensure wearing comfort.

Feather light

The combination of high-quality leather and a soft sole has been tried and tested over decades and ensures minimum weight coupled with maximum comfort.


The select high-quality leather we use, coupled with our stretch materials, offers a high degree of breathability which is retained even in humid and warm conditions. Combined with our painstaking manufacturing techniques, that makes our actiflex comfort shoes extremely breathable.

Shock-absorbing outsole

The materials used for the outsole protect the joints by absorbing shock, thus helping prevent foot soreness and easing the strain on your body.

Removable footbed

Wearers of special insoles can easily replace the footbed. The risk of slippage is minimised by a heel arch specially adapted for use with insoles.

Flexible outsole

The flexible outsole ensures maximum freedom of movement when walking and provides support during every load phase.

High-quality leather lining

High-quality leather lining in the rear foot area confers a feeling of well-being. The material is skin friendly, so direct skin contact has no negative effects.

Different widths ensure a perfect fit

The shoe width, which is determined by the width of the forefoot, is important for a perfect fit. Only if the shoe fits perfectly will wearing comfort be enhanced, and a good fit is also vital for increasing the useful life of our actiflex shoes and encouraging a healthy gait.

That is why our collection features four different widths: G, H, J and K. G is the narrowest width and K the widest.

Each model is available only in the width stated in the catalogue. The stretchability of the outer material ensures that the shoe adapts optimally to the shape of your foot. This degree of stretch ensures that the shoes retain their outstanding wearing comfort even for feet at the limit of that width range.